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Personal circumstances

Creating a profile in order to make the most of your online dating experience is really important and a variety of things need to go into that profile as a means of keeping everything honest, transparent and interesting. You need to start by stating your personal circumstances.

You may not always be totally comfortable with giving personal details out online, but it’s important to remember that you’re only sharing these details with other members – other people who are looking for love. As such, you need to be fairly open with people in order to strike up a connection.

This means stating whether you are single, separated, divorced, widowed or otherwise. It also means stating whether you have children or not, whether you are gay, straight or bisexual and so on. These are important pieces of information that often form the basis of people’s online searches.

Of course, anything you really aren’t comfortable putting out there straight away can be put on the back-burner, but do remember that you’re trying to make a connection with a suitable date, not trying to fool anyone, so the less you hide the better.
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