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Racial dating site

• The difference between masculine and feminine energy. What they are; why they’re important; why you should be cognizant of these energy patterns; how masculine and feminine energy persons process love differently; and how this all affects your relationship dynamic. This concept is the theme of the book and I believe it to be very important for BW to understand when entering into relationships- especially if you didn't have good/healthy relationship role models when growing up.
• The phases of a typical relationship; from dating to marriage and what to expect during each phase.
• Why it is necessary to wait until commitment before engaging in sexual intimacy (yes, we all should know this by now, but it’s always a good refresher) and why sex will NOT lead to commitment.
• Communication. Dr. Allen also goes into methods of negotiating sex, commitment, and other relationship dynamics as well as cues as to when you need to walk away from a relationship. I did find some of her examples of “relationship talk” to be a little bit too pyschobablely and thought to myself nobody talks this way in real life; so I did feel the need to translate some things into “real talk” so to speak.

Overall, I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 total. I found it to be highly informative, educational, and scientific without being too heady. I encourage everyone to read it with an open mind.
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RE: Racial dating site
6/2/21 3:57 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
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