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Check Your Dignity At the Door

I wasn't sure how to open this entry, my first since I signed off before the surgery last week. But then my mom made it easy for me a few seconds ago with this question shouted from across the house so Wine Guy and I could hear,
"How's the pooping situation?"

Ah yes, Check your dignity at the door.

Today is the first day since my surgery (Jan 7) that I haven't wanted to die. This whole thing has been much worse than I ever could have imagined. And it wasn't because anything went wrong. In fact, if you asked the doctor, he would probably tell you it all went pretty smoothly. I just had no idea how awful hospitals are resting, sleeping and healing. Kind of ironic, huh? I think I was paired with every moaning, semi-hallucinating, explosive-diarrhea-making old woman who needed a hospital bed. Sleep was not had. Plus the anaesthesia made me terribly nauseous all the way through until just last night so eating was not happening either. And the fact that I can do ANYTHING for myself is frustrating for me and my caretakers I'm sure.
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RE: Check Your Dignity At the Door
11/12/20 2:07 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
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RE: Check Your Dignity At the Door
12/2/20 7:51 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
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