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Is it Possible to Find Love Online

There are still a few areas where I haven't made up my mind. These are:

a) Ethnicity - I suppose white-ish (define that someone?), but just because this would mean we might be able to avoid a lot of hot-button issues that are hard enough even when you aren't married to each other. But would I turn down a great man because of it? No way. So I guess this is not a deal breaker, but a yellow caution light.

b) Owns a motorcycle and is very passionate about it. I wouldn't or couldn't make a guy give up one of his passions just because I can't handle the 99% certainty he'll get in an accident.

c) Wants to ultimately end up settled somewhere God-awful. Like Floribama or Podunk, Nebraska.

d) Workaholic - When I'm with him he's fantastic and he earns a ton of money for us to potentially spend. But he never gets any time to spend it.

e) Has terrible fashion sense and is resistant to suggestions. At the very least he needs to have cool taste in shoes.

f) Has children. I think that is a BIG "it depends" but I might be able to qualify it by saying he can only have one kid, be on good terms with the ex, and be a good father. No, "Oh yeah I have a kid but he's hardly ever around so don't worry about it." Yes, I have heard that before and it is NOT a plus.

g) Family problems. Do I really have a right to go there? Well, I think I can qualify again here: Has a messed up family and DOESN'T KNOW IT, or know how to handle it.

h) Thinks therapy is absolutely a joke and huge waste of time and money.
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