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Training to raise income with Masih Jafarzade

Making twice as much money might be a dream for many people but if you are smart and capable of taking risks it should be easy.
For making more money, you need to know different factors like investment, deals, increase of prices, recession, inflation and…
We have some people that can see what’s going on around them and use opportunities and know where to invest and not to invest on.

Some people are capable of taking risks but they need someone to push them into doing so.
Rich minds have a creative and good minds they can find ways of making money in any situation and the can make more and more money.
Now we want to introduce to you Masih Jafarzade
An entrepreneur and successful person who has several companies and corporations and successful businesses.
Now she is passing on the things she knows to others for free.

It’s been a while science she has started publishing daily
These videos are the experiences of being rich for several years and hey have spent a great deal of energy and time making these videos.
These videos are available in their Instagram and website



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What is always ignored in these discussions about big business tax rates - is that all business already pay huge amounts of taxes. Even a freelancer or cheap essay writer from London or Pontypridd. Whether they are profitable or not. Each British business pays 1/2 of all the S/S taxes as well as FUTA (unemployment) and disability taxes. But their largest tax contribution is made through their employee payrolls.
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