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Findus: thiết kế website giá rẻ

Name: Website Việt

Phone: 091.60.555.99

Address: A18/19A Quốc lộ 50 Bình Hưng Bình Chánh Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh


Going through a long distance providing web design services, web applications for the domestic and foreign market, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience rich enough to bring that experience to focus. serving the domestic website design market.

We wish to contribute a bit of our effort to the development of the website design field in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general.

In this journey, it is indispensable for customers who have accompanied us.

We are very pleased and appreciate your cooperation. Let us fulfill our mission according to the slogan: Your success is our mission.
We are confident to bring the appropriate website design and website strategy to serve you according to the following criteria:




Bring a real online business advantage to your business.

Our point of view, completing a project is to facilitate the business to do business effectively, so we put our whole heart into each design, every line of source code, carefully check. carefully before handing over the website to the customer.



With a powerful SEO team, we extremely understand about SEO in particular and online marketing in general, a sophisticated website that does not go to the top - not reaching users is also equal.


Popular CMS admin page platform: WordPress, helping customers to update information easily, quickly and especially suitable for small and medium businesses.


Quality is the top criterion. In Vietnamese Website "cheap" is not junk, "cheap" is the most suitable cost for a perfect website.


First of all, we have received to write more optional features for you.

P / s: of course there is a fee.

We specialize in designing and programming website on demand for large projects, with the best quality and design style, you can immediately refer to our implemented projects.

Previously, we have not implemented the cheap Website segment, following templates or prebuilt Website because we have not found the best solution to make the implementation process shortest but the quality is the most perfect

Our website must be quality. We don't hand over to our clients a pile of trash, our developers' pride doesn't allow us to do that.

However, things have changed since now when we experimented with building popular websites, websites for businesses, companies, and sales. Since then, very satisfactory results have been received. Website still has shimmering visual effects, a nice design, fast loading speed and, importantly, low development time. Vietnamese website would like to be introduced: website template pre-built with full features, SEO standard and the latest mobile display standard


Most of the website templates posted by other companies are the products of foreign authors, in fact it brings a very big problem that you do not notice: Vietnamese taste is very different.

I do not like looking at the layout / images that are too large (fullscreen, fullwidth, overflow), but mainly like neat, clustered content that is easy to find. This part of Vietnamese people is quite similar to Japanese taste

Most computers still have a low profile, the effects on the website (most of them are quite idyllic, not really perfect) that when accessed will cause the user's machine to stutter / lag -> lose the client

Fonts, decorative decor images… are not Vietnamese or Asian

The layout of the page, the emphasis is not focused, mainly the authors just make the overall look beautiful and when applying the real content to the website will be diluted.


When starting with the investment cost is not as extensive as other decades-old businesses, you should choose a right website solution that is just within range. Especially when your website:

Simple for business introduction only

Selling online in a nascent stage

News website structure is simple, with few parts

Travel website that sells tours in the beginning

Landing page, a real estate showcase for small brokers


The available website templates system of Vietnamese Website operates on the world's number one CMS platform: WordPress with more than 80% - several billion websites in the world are using it.

Don't talk in depth about other features, a very convenient advantage in WordPress is its popularity, you can easily hire the positions: admin, Content writer, SEO, Marketing online or even. even a programmer that does not need to spend any seconds to train. Most of these personnel know how to use them
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RE: Website-Viet
5/25/21 11:36 PM as a reply to Anonymous.
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Các sản phẩm Megaline phân phối
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Cam kết
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RE: Website-Viet
7/1/21 5:10 AM as a reply to Anonymous.
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