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Differences between Linux and Windows
Linux has taken important steps in terms of being more user friendly in recent years. Linux, which once terrified the average user, now offers a much more usable alternative. By the way, if you are one of those considering migrating from Windows to Linux, you need to consider some differences. Here are 7 main differences you should know:

File structure

The basic structure of Linux is completely different from that of Windows as it is developed by different developers with a code base. You will not be able to find items such as My Documents, C: drive in Ubuntu or Fedora. Instead, you will see a single file tree and drivers connected to that tree. Your home directory and desktop directory will be part of this single tree. Technically, you will need to learn how a new file system works, but it is not a difficult task.

No registry

The registry that holds application settings, hardware information, and much more in Windows is not available in Linux. Applications in Linux keep their settings separately under users. Therefore, there is no database in Linux that requires cleaning.

Package manager

Package manager

To install a program on Windows, you usually have to find its installation package from the internet and download it. Most Linux systems do not have to deal with this. The package manager gives you a central control area where you can navigate, install and uninstall applications.

Interchangeable interfaces

The Windows interface hasn't changed much for a long time. In Linux, the interface is completely separate from the core system and you can change your interface environment without the hassle of reloads.

Command terminal

Since you will frequently use the command terminal, which is the equivalent of the Windows Command Line in Linux, it will be useful to learn command structures.

Driver settings

Since PCs with Windows are so common, driver developers are more focused on Windows. If you will only use applications such as word processor, web browser, e-mail application in Linux, there is no problem; but if you want to play a game, you have to think again.

Do it yourself

The users that will benefit most from Linux are those who are open to browsing, learning and experimenting. The Linux environment requires you to have such an understanding.

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