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A way to improve fart smell, according to Japanese recommendations

1. Prevent and resolve constipation problems
Constipation, in addition to making the fart smelly, also increases the bad bacteria in the intestines. How to prevent and fix constipation problems are: ทางเข้า slotxo Drinking 1 glass of plain water every day when you wake up in the morning. Eating foods rich in dietary fiber Drink enough water during the day. Eat or drink drinks rich in lactic acid bacteria. Which are good bacteria that help eliminate bad bacteria from the intestines

2. Make adjustments to everyday life
Daily lifestyle modifications are as follows:

Eat breakfast regularly with a balance of protein. Carbohydrates and foods containing fiber This will help to have good bowel movements. However, eating fiber-rich carbohydrates such as brown rice or oatmeal, for example, promotes normal body excretion.
Do light exercise by walking or stretching regularly to help keep the bowels moving.
Soak in warm water to help the intestines work better.

3. Choose foods that help your intestines work better instead of eating foods rich in sulfur.
Foods that are eaten are good for the intestines, including fruits and vegetables with fiber and residue. Especially, vegetables with mucus such as okra, algae, beverages or foods rich in lactic acid bacteria, such as yogurt, yogurt, pickles, miso and kimchi, etc. Food and beverages. Those that should not eat or drink too much include foods that contain high amounts of sulfur and protein, such as meat, eggs, nuts, garlic, onions, milk, coffee, and alcohol.

Foods that are good for the intestines
If you want to adjust the fart smell so that the fart does not smell until the band breaks, you must take care not to cause constipation. Eat foods that help increase the number of good bacteria in the gut. And not eating foods that contain too much sulfur Simple dietary and lifestyle modifications can now be adjusted to the environment in your home and office.
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If you are suffering from constipation and want immediate solution, visit . They provide amazing tips such as drinking more water to ease bowel movement.
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