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How to Earn Money from YouTube Views in just a Few Steps
YouTube gives us a great opportunity to make money, as well as a passive income. There are a lot of ways to make money on YouTube. Today we'll figure out how to make money on YouTube for views with your own or other people's channels?

How do people make money from views on YouTube?

Imagine: you shot a funny home video on your phone, uploaded it to YouTube and woke up the next morning a real star and made good money in the process. How do you like such a prospect? Many people are wondering how to make money on YouTube on views.

90% of the most popular YouTube videos are footage from the everyday life of the most ordinary people. Schoolchildren, housewives, street musicians, pensioners - and they are all among the authors of the most popular videos. People are attracted by simplicity and openness. This is the way to success on YouTube. But whichever niche you choose, you should understand that there will likely be huge competition in any of them. That's why it's so important to buy a lot of views on YouTube videos as quickly as possible. You can do this at Prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Earning money from YouTube views depends on two things - viewing ads and paying for clicks. There are several types of advertising on the video hosting site:

Ads before the beginning of the video, in the middle or at the end;
ads in the top right hand corner of the video pages;
A banner ad or a pop-up window that appears when you're watching a video.
The channel owner gets money if its viewers view the ad or click on the banner until the end. The ad insertion can be skipped in a few seconds after the start of viewing, the banner can be closed, but then the view does not count. You can also set up a full display of ads without the possibility of skipping, but here there are some disadvantages - many users simply leave the page without watching any ads, or the video itself.

Some advertisers are putting special conditions - for example, the user must spend 30 seconds on the site, view multiple pages, and so on. Prices per click are also different from advertiser to advertiser, it all depends on the subject and popularity of the brand or company. For example, the most "generous" in terms of payment are firms in finance and real estate - the market is dominated by competition, which means the advertiser is willing to pay more for advertising.

There is another way to earn on YouTube through views - if you do not have editing skills, quality video camera and a microphone, you can earn by watching other people's videos on YouTube. The bottom line is this - you register on a special service, watch the video, and for this work you get money - you can withdraw them into your e-wallet. Customers benefit from this to gain views and likes, and the owners of the service - to increase earnings.

How much can I earn from views on YouTube in a month
If you have your own channel, for 1,000 views you will earn about $1 or a little more, sometimes up to two. So for 50,000 views you'll get $50, for 100,000 you'll get $100, and so on upwards. For 1,000,000 views, you get one thousand dollars, and that's serious money. All YouTube holding channels can be classified according to profitability:

Amateur. A user for whom creating videos is a hobby earns nothing. At first, you will not be able to connect advertising - for this you need to have a thousand subscribers and 4 thousand views on the channel.
Beginning video blogger. At the start, after connecting monetization, you can earn about 10-15 dollars a month.
Diligent. Shooting videos regularly, but not having yet mass popularity, you can get in the neighborhood of 100-300 dollars a month.
Advanced. Your videos become interesting to users, you are engaged in promotion of the channel, and your income is growing. Earnings - 500-1000 dollars and more.
Well-known video blogger. Regular videos, professional promotion of the channel and a large number of subscribers. For 1 million views on YouTube, famous bloggers get more than a thousand dollars.
Opinion Leader. Your views reach several million, and each new video gains popularity instantly. If you reach this level, you'll earn from several thousand dollars.
How to make money on YouTube by watching your channel
First, you will need some equipment - a powerful enough computer, a fast Internet connection for fast downloading of videos, a good webcam or camera on a tripod, a quality microphone, as well as programs for shooting and processing video. Among them: VSDC Free Video Editor, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Corel VideoStudio Pro. Having a technical component, you can easily and quickly shoot and edit videos, but at first you can do without expensive equipment - the main thing is to have good sound and image.
The next step is to register a Google account, go to the YouTube site and create a channel. Think out a name, design a page, add a description and start working with your profile. To make money from your videos, you need to fill your channel with content that will be interesting to YouTube users. You can choose absolutely any subject and format:
Current News. Tell about the news of the country and the world or about the success of certain companies, make your own analysis of interesting events and express your opinion.
Instruction and training. Make some master-classes, teach your subscribers something new and tell them step by step how to make this or that thing.
Video reviews of movies, games and books. Very popular on videohosting - people are interested to know other people's opinion about popular novelties.
Letsplays. This category includes walkthroughs, gameplay demos, and humorous snippets from various video games.
Conversation videos. Tell about yourself, how you live your day, share interesting events and life stories.
Video blogs (vlogs). Film and edit your trip, your journey to different parts of the world, share your experiences with your audience.
Sketches, sketches, staged videos. Humor and creativity in your videos adds interest to your audience.
Interviews. Invite an interesting guest and ask them a few questions. The more popular your guest is, the more views you'll get.
Kids Content. You can make entertaining videos for kids, toy reviews, games and other educational videos. Children and their parents are the main audience on the site.
How to make money from views: 5 tips and recommendations
Don't expect crazy popularity right after you post your first video. Make new videos regularly, and work on the quality. Your audience can only be attracted by constant content replenishment. Do not neglect the opportunity to get views on YouTube quickly, even if you have to pay for it. Por ejemplo, tiene precios económicos para comprar visitas a YouTube y de alta calidad - pruébelo usted mismo.
Busque nuevas ideas, no pierda tiempo editando y montando sus vídeos: la calidad de su presentación determina el número de suscriptores y visualizaciones. Optimiza adecuadamente tu vídeo, añade etiquetas y palabras clave a la descripción.
Communicate with your subscribers, try to respond to all comments. This will show that you care about your audience, and viewers will come back to your channel again and again.
To withdraw money, you'll need a PayPal account. Be sure to register an account so that your "paycheck" comes to it.
Don't post other people's copyrighted videos on your channel - your channel won't be monetized and your account will be blocked or deleted. This is a dishonest business that will not bring you profit.
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