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Domino starts using automatic pizza delivery cars

Domino, a famous pizzeria franchise in the US. Has brought more technology to integrate into business operations It will begin using self-driving cars for pizza delivery in Houston, Texas this week. After announcing the development of this project since 2019.

The car, known as R2, is the brainchild of Nuro, a fully self-powered electric vehicle for transporting full cargo on the road. And also received permission from the Department of Transportation

The people slotxo โหลด who live in the Woodland Heights area of ​​Houston. If you order pizza from Domino, you can choose to use R2 as a pizza delivery. Pizza order person must press the PIN that Domino sent me to confirm the order. So you can get pizza

Denis Maloney, Domino's senior vice president, said the project will help the company better understand how to respond to pizza delivery to its customers. And also learn how this technology can affect business operations.
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