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German automakers rule the US luxury market Genesis is determined
German automakers rule the US luxury market. Genesis is determined to change that

Genesis is getting noticed for its sleek designs and attention to detail.

The sleek silhouette was breathtaking: A long clamshell hood that appeared to go on indefinitely. An interior swathed in upcycled, sustainable materials. A futuristic dashboard connected to a "floating" center console.

The automotive work of art could have been German. Or British. The clue that gave it away: A shield-shaped Crest Grille.

Genesis, the luxury vehicle division of Korean automaker Hyundai, was sending a veiled message to its competitors with the Genesis X Concept, a chic, high performance electric GT the marque debuted on March 30.

Over the last two years, Genesis has been busy racking up industry awards and earning praise from the automotive community as it rapidly rolls out new models. U.S. consumers, who tend to be brand loyal, are only starting to take notice of Genesis. But the inveterate leaders in the highly competitive space -- BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi -- are bracing for a protracted fight.

"It's a credible brand with its own identity and personality," Ed Kim, vice president of industry analysis at AutoPacific, told ABC News. "Most luxury automakers are trying to emulate BMW. Genesis is setting itself apart from a design perspective. That's a good thing."

The distinctive "Two Lines" architecture, G-Matrix pattern and quad LED lamps identify the brand "within seconds," according to Sang Yup Lee, head of Genesis Design.

Luc Donckerwolke, chief creative officer for Genesis, explained the company's "beauty of the white space" philosophy to ABC News: "Purism is our priority in a world full of unnecessary detail. Our philosophy is closer to the butler attitude rather than the finger food buffet. We do not distract the driver with an orgy of buttons but integrate them wisely into our landscape according to their relevance for driving, safety and entertainment."

He added, "The design is the brand, the brand is the design."

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