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All About Bounty Poker

The bounty is an element that appears in more and more online poker tournaments , but it also has some success in face-to-face events of all kinds. Today we take an in-depth look at what bounty means and the types of tournaments that include this feature.

Bounty tournaments

The poker tournaments with bounty are those offering a reward for each player who is eliminated from the tournament regardless of the reward you get for reaching one of the winning positions (in the money).

Remember that to eliminate a player in a tournament, you must have more chips than the player in question. For example, to eliminate a player with a stack of 17,000 points we should have that stack at least.

Normally, in the payout structure of a bounty tournament, half of the prize pool will award the winning positions, as in other tournaments, while the other half is used to pay the rewards for eliminating players at the tournament.

Initially, the bounty was implemented in low buy-in tournaments, as well as in special tournaments, such as charity, tournaments in which a part of the funds raised are used for a charitable cause.

There are also bounty tournaments, in which you are only rewarded for eliminating a certain player, who is usually a celebrity or an ambassador of the room.

Bounty tournaments, such as progressive knockouts, are currently among the most popular of those offered by poker rooms, which has led professional poker players to adapt their strategy to be winners here too. type of tournaments.

Bounty token

An essential element in live bounty tournaments is the bounty chip, which, as in the case of the button chip , also has a plastic object to identify it.

Each player at the start of the tournament, in addition to receiving his stack in chips, also receives a bounty chip. This token must be kept with him until it is eliminated, at which point he must give it to the player who eliminated him.

These bounty chips, which mark the bounty in live poker, have an economic value, since once you have been eliminated from the tournament, you can exchange them for cash. It is possible that, by owning several bounty chips, even if you miss out on the prizes, you can recover a good part of the buy-in, or even have a net profit.
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