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China LED Grow Light suppliers - Suntop
Shenzhen Suntop New Energy Trading Co.,Ltd is is a professional China LED Grow Light manufacturers and China LED Grow Light suppliers. We mainly deal in making a series of Humidifier, Soap dispenser, Portable fan, LED lights, auto LED headlights, LED fog lights, etc. LED Grow Light features long life, no loose parts in the lamp body, no shortcomings such as easy burning, thermal deposition, and light decay of the filament. Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life can reach 80-100,000 hours, which is longer than traditional Light source life is more than 10 times longer.

LED Grow Light The application field of LED Grow Lights refers to the use of LED technology for light sources inside and outside the aluminum body for external and internal lighting.

The following is about LED Grow Light related, I hope to help you better understand LED Grow Light.
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