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Amazon is buying podcast hosting and monetization platform

Amazon Music is getting more serious about its podcasting efforts. Today, the company announced the acquisition of Art19, its podcast hosting and monetization platform, for an undisclosed sum. This means that Amazon will now be involved in hosting podcasts as well as

selling ads with them as SLOT XO
Art19 runs targeted advertising marketing and inserts ads into their programming. Learn more about what this acquisition might mean for podcasts hosted on the service. and will update if we get a response.

This is an important step for Amazon, as it appears to be taking a more active role in the podcasting world. Amazon Music began offering podcasts last September, as did Audible in October. But during that time, Amazon Music acquired Wondery, one of the last major independent podcast networks.

Today's acquisitions make a full contribution to the industry. Not only will it create content through Wondery and distribute shows through the app, but Amazon can now host those podcasts. including third parties and sell ads with them. This gives Amazon more information about what's going on inside and outside of the app (Amazon Music already sells audio ads, but it's not even better).
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