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LiveWire One electric motorcycle launched

The rebranded LiveWire remains the bike we know and love most. With a slightly new look and a friendlier price.Harley-Davidson An updated version of the LiveWire electric motorcycle was announced on Thursday.

It's just not Harley anymore, but ทางเข้า slotxo
Harley has split its electric motorcycles into its own brand called LiveWire.LiveWire One looks a lot like Harley's LiveWire we know and love. Just a new paint job and a new logo.

As always, this bike has an estimated city driving range of 146 miles and can charge DC fast from 0-100% in 60 minutes, making it easy to use.from what we can tell There aren't many changes in the model yet.

In addition to the rebranding and name change But that's not always a bad thing or a surprise. After all, Harley spent a lot of money developing LiveWire, and it didn't last long.
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