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Chrome 94 will make sure you connect to your website with HTTPS

Google has made HTTPS the default in Chrome, but that doesn't mean the company's long-running push for the most widely used protocol is over. Chrome to continue pushing HTTPS adoption. เล่น slotxo

With Chrome 94, Google is introducing a feature called HTTPS-First Mode. Like Firefox, this tool will try to make sure you always connect to a website via HTTPS. When this isn't possible,

Chrome will display a warning that you're at risk of becoming a web site. Privacy and Security Users will initially need to turn this feature on, although Google says the feature may be set by default for anyone on the road.

Prior to Chrome 94, the company had separate plans for HTTPS-related trials. Starting with Chrome 93, Google replaced the padlock icon in the address bar. This indicates that you are securely connected to the website. with a more "neutral" down arrow.
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