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How do I get Webroot on my computer
Advanced Webroot SecureAnywhere Security softwarecan be downloaded from the link at Or get in touch with Webroot Support.

Download Webroot Antivirus Software

Webroot secure anywhere antivirus software provides total protection for your computer system. It provides network security in addition to computer security.

You will need an internet connection to download webroot secure from anywhere. Connect your system with the internet. Open any browser and find the web address Contact us if you have any questions or need technical support. You can contact us for technical support to install webroot securely anywhere.

It is possible to do it yourself. Follow these instructions.

You can access the website to download the installer file. When you reach the website, the installer file e.g. Click on the link to the website and click the button that says "click here if the download has not started". The Wsinstall.exe installer file can only be used by Windows users. Tech-support section is available for assistance if your system has another operating system installed. Tech-support section will assist you in installing the antivirus program on your system. The first service is completely free.

Once the file wsinstall.exe has been saved to your system. Continue reading. Double-click on the saved program in order to run it. The program will ask for administrator permission before it can be run. Accept it. Accept the security program's terms and conditions. It will now prompt you to enter the keycode.

The key code is the unique installation key that allows the product purchased to only be used by your system. You can bring the webroot secure everywhere product to the store with you. Locate the retail pack. Webroot key code is located at the lower left side of the back of this pack.
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