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The covid delta spreads across the Americas Expect to be forced to wear

Officials from the World Health Organization (PAHO) of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday (August 4) that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) probotai Delta species are extremely distressing. Because it has spread to more than 20 countries across the Americas. whether the United States Latin American countries and the Caribbean
PAHO director said the epidemic would make governments of countries epidemic control measures must be enhanced Whether it's forcing to wear a mask and speeding up vaccination, saying "Covid-19 virus Delta species appear to be much more invasive. And we can't drop the card.”

Officials are also monitoring the spread of the Lambda virus. but not as widespread as the Delta species.

Researchers in the South American region from several countries are now reporting they have detected the COVID-19 virus. Lambda species, including Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina by the Lambda coronavirus More dangerous than the delta virus which have been detected in dozens of countries
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