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Men's impotence eating Viagra may not be useful
Men's impotence eating Viagra may not be useful . . "Among male outpatients, impotence patients account for about one-third. The etiology of impotence can be both physical and psychological; it may be functional changes, organic diseases, or both.

  A 42-year-old cadre surnamed Wang came to the outpatient clinic to report that he had been busy with work recently, was under great mental pressure, and was depressed. Faced with couples, they have little passion and don't want that kind of thing at all. Even if they "do something", their penis will not be erect, and it will not last long. My wife is strange, and asks the bottom line, is she sick? Lao Wang took some kidney medicine Viagra privately, but it didn't work, and she was anxious and anxious.

  Recently, I was introduced to my office for consultation by a friend.

  I analyzed him: "There are many psychological factors that lead to impotence, such as busyness, depression, anxiety , sudden panic , anger, irritability, depression, emotional discord between husband and wife, and failure of premarital sexual behavior. Even organic impotence. , There are also mental factors such as anxiety to varying degrees. Such patients account for about 30% of impotence patients in clinical practice.

  Chinese medicine believes that this is liver depression, qi stagnation and blood stasis, unfavorable menstruation, poor blood flow, difficult congestion of arteries and vessels, and inability to erect the corpus cavernosum. In addition, the central nervous system of sexual excitement is inhibited by negative emotions, and the desire to fire is difficult to burn. If the heart fire cannot stir up the kidney fire, it is of course difficult to do yang events. How can we use kidney-tonifying drugs for impotence caused by liver depression and restlessness?"

  He said: "No wonder eating Viagra did not solve the problem."

  In the diagnosis and treatment of impotence patients, the cause should be found out. While treating the body, attention should be paid to regulating the mind, treating both mind and body, and comprehensively regulating the body. I gave him a detailed examination to exclude coronary heart disease, hypertension , diabetes disease common primary disorder.

  I told him: "Although you think you are in good physical condition, you are mentally burdened and mentally impaired. The diagnosis is considered to be functional impotence. Cardiac diseases also require heart medicine. No matter what you are nervous or upset, you must promptly resolve, guide, and adjust. You should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, relax in a proper way, master work rhythm and methods, and talk to relatives and friends if you are depressed; communicate with your wife in time, deepen emotional exchanges, and adjust your mentality to a positive, comfortable, and optimistic state.

  Secondly, with diet therapy, such as lily and lotus seeds for calming the heart and soothing the liver, Chinese patent medicines can be used with Xiaoyao pills and so on.

  In addition, stimulating the genitals also has a certain effect, such as rubbing, kneading, and alternating hot and cold water stimulation to restore regular, balanced, and continuous sex life. The curative effect of drugs only accounts for 50%, and that 50% depends on their own physical and mental conditioning and changing bad lifestyles. "

  He hurriedly asked again: "So what kind of medicine should I take to treat impotence?"

  I told him: "Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation. You cannot abuse kidney-tonifying drugs at the first sight of impotence. Even if the kidney is invigorating, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is yin deficiency or yang deficiency, or yin and yang deficiency. What's more, your condition is liver depression and uncomfortable. Soothing the liver and relieving depression should be the main focus, and the appropriate amount should be used with products that calm the heart and invigorate the kidney."

  In the treatment of impotence, in addition to methods such as soothing the liver and relieving depression, calming the mind and soothing the nerves for mental and psychological factors, some are caused by chronic prostatitis , and those with damp-heat symptoms need to use the method of clearing heat and removing dampness ; some are caused by addiction to tobacco and alcohol, blood lipids, blood lipids, etc. high blood viscosity, arteriosclerosis, local congestion caused and the person who needs blood stasis, improve blood circulation; some also because Qi body tired fatigue and the person who needs Spleen Qi, they can not come to pass kidney cure impotence.

  It is the same sentence: "One key opens one lock", and we should treat them differently according to individual conditions." . 兩性健康 .
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