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Shaq hand size In the NBA
Big hands are a plus in basketball. You can easily hold the ball in your hands, which, while not crucial, can be very beneficial. This can be detrimental to your ability to pass, shoot, and handle the ball. Basketball is ultimately about ball control. It would be so much easier to play basketball if the ball felt soft in your hands. You'd have more control.
Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, and Julius Erving were both blessed with huge hands. While it wasn’t the only reason these players excelled, it was certainly a significant advantage and the main reason they were able reach the rim so well.
Kobe Bryant understood this advantage. When asked about what he wishes he could improve on his game, Bryant replied that it was his hands. He expressed a wish he had the hands of Michael Jordan. Phil Jackson was also asked who would win in a match between Bryant or Jordan. The Zen Master chose MJ. He picked MJ because of the advantage he has in hand size over Kobe.
This article will focus on some of the greatest hand sizes in NBA history. We will consider both the hand length and span. Also, reasonable estimates will be made based on sizes that haven't been officially measured. It's easy to identify who has the strongest hands. They can throw the ball around like a grapefruit.
What are the benefits of having big hands when playing basketball?
1. Superior ball control skills and dribbling skill
2. It is now easier to balance the ball
3. Better defense and more rebounds
How does NBA measure Hand Size?
There are two ways to measure the size of your hand: hand length, and hand span. The hand length measures from the base and tip of the middle fingers to the top of the thumb. Hand span refers to the distance between the tipof the thumb and the tipof the pinky fingers when you stretch your hand.
+ Hand size is 10.75 inches (hand length), and 12 inches (12 hand span).
+ Height: 7'3".
+ Weight: 290 pounds
+ Placement: Center
Boban Marjanovic could be considered the NBA's biggest player. Unfortunately, there has not been an official measurement. Therefore, the numbers that we provide are only assumptions.
Based on photos of Boban marjanovic hand-to hand with his teammates, we can make an estimate of his hand size.
His hand can hold a basketball twice as fast as a ball toy. His on-field scoring rates are 58% and 58%, respectively.
+ Hand size is 10.25 inches (hand length), and 12 inches (1 hand span).
+ Height: 7'1".
+ Weight: 325 pounds
+ Placement: Center
Some believe that Shaquille is too large for O'Neal to succeed in the free throw. Large hands can lead to awkwardness, unintended force of strength, and even incontinence. Kawhi Leonard and Michael Jordan are two exceptions.
Shaquille O'Neal has never participated in official hand measurements. Because he has fought Kawhi Lenard before, we can guess. People claim that Shaq hand size measures 10.25 inches by 12 inches.
Shaquille "Shake" O'Neal is a great player in the NBA. He has won three MVP awards and 14 All Star teams. Shaq's appearance is vastly superior to that of his teammates.
+ Hand size is 9.85 inches (hand length), and 12 inches (12 hand span).
+ Height: 6'11"
+ Weight: 242 Pounds
+ Position Power Forward / Small forward
Giannis Antetokounmpo's large hand size earned him the nickname "Greek Freak." He is now a Milwaukee Bucks player.
Giannis Antitounmpo has achieved remarkable feats as a basketball star. He was on the NBA All-Star list four times consecutively from 2017-2020.
Giannis Antitounmpo won the title best defensive player for the 2019-2020 season. His career outlook is bright.
+ Hand size is 9.8 inches (hand length), and 12 inches (1 hand span).
+ Height: 6'11".
+ 251 lb.
+ Position / Power Forward
Gregory Smith's career was not stable despite his large hand. In 2011, he didn't even make the draft. Gregory Smith, who is erratic in his behavior, has frequently changed teams.
+ Hand size is 10.5 inches (hand length), and 11 inches(hand span).
+ Height: 6'8"
+ Weight: 210 lbs.
+ Position: Power Forward/Center
Connie Hawkins was a legendary figure in New York City. She only participated seven NBA seasons. Thanks to his stellar performances at ABL as well as ABA, he made it to Basketball Hall Of Fame Inductee.
Connie Hawkins is the NBA's longest-lived player. He has made controlling basketball easy because of that.
6. NOAH VONLEH: 9.75/11.75 INCH
+ Hand size is 9.75 inches (hand length), and 11.75 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 6'10".
+ Weight: 257 pounds
+ Power Forward/Center
Noah Vonleh will always be in our minds when it comes to his huge hands. Vonleh is 9.75 inches tall and 11.75 inch wide. Because of the strength in his hand, Vonleh took the lead during the 2014 NBA Draft.
Vonleh's life was less successful. Vonleh failed to establish a foothold in the NBA and changed teams for six consecutive seasons.
+ Hand size is 9.5 inches (hand length), and 11.75 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 6'7".
+ Weight: 210 lbs.
+ Position Small Forward
Julius Erving (also known as Dr. J) is one of NBA's greatest dunkers. His large hand drives every NBA player crazy, as well as the entire NBA audience. Julius Erving's hand control and arm speed in manipulating the ball is amazing.
His hand is large, with a size that is 24% wider and 8% longer than the average. We know that Dr. J is a big part of his success.
8. MICHAEL JORDAN: 9.75/11.375 INCH
+ Hand size is 9.75 inches (hand length), and 11.375 inches (1 hand span).
+ Height: 6'6"
+ Weight: 216 lbs.
+ Position: Shooting Guard/Small Foreman.
Some people would choose MJ if they had to pick between Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. It is because he has a larger size hand.
Airness's intelligence and genius are apparent. The success of Jordan was likely due to his hand size. Michael Jordan can easily dribble using one hand and get around the best defenders.
9. KAWHI LEONARD - 9.75/11.25 INCHES
+ Hand size is 9.75 inches (hand length), and 11.25 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 6'7".
+ Weight: 225 pounds
+ Position small forward
Kawhi Leonard was able to establish himself on the court with his enormously large hands. The Klaw is well-known for his two way play. It shows us dedication to the task.
Kawhi Leonard usually has a hand measurement of 8.8 to 9.5 inches. Leonard has become one of the greatest superstars because of his huge hand size.
+ Hand size is 9.5 inches (hand length), and 11.5 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 7'1".
+ Weight: 275 pounds
+ Placement: Center
Wilt Chamberlain has been a dominant player in NBA basketball because of his hand size. While his hands are considerably larger than Kareem Abou-Jabbar's, Chamberlain is slightly shorter in height.
+ Hand size is 9.5 inches (hand length), and 11.5 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 6'8".
+ Weight: 260 pounds
+ Positioning Power Forward
Royce White's hand size is impressive as well. He is the longest hand at 9.5 inches length and 11.5 inch width at the 2012 NBA Draft Combine.
12. WAYNE EMBRY: 9.25-11.75 INCHES
+ Hand size is 9.25 inches (hand length), and 11.75 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 6'8".
+ Weight: 240 pounds
+ Position / Power Forward
Wayne Embry sports large gloves. American basketball player who was later a professional coach. Embry has been a member of the NBA's executive team and as a player.
+ Hand size is 9.75 inches (hand length), and 11 inches (1 hand span).
+ Height: 6'5"
+ Weight: 225 pounds
+ Power Forward / Position in the Center
Although it's impossible to determine the exact figures, we can see that Elgin Baylor is large in his hands. His hand size matches that of Michael Jordan.
+ Hand size is 9.5 inches (hand length), and 11.25 inch (hand span).
+ Height: 6'10".
+ Weight: 270 pounds
+ Placement: Center
Jahlil Okayafor surprised everyone by being able to hold thirteen tennis ball with one hand. For the average person, that's only six. Jahlil Okayafor's career, despite his extraordinary physique, has not been as successful.
+ Hand size is 9.5 inches (hand length), and 10 inches (1 hand span).
+ Height: 6'1".
+ Weight: 180 lbs.
+ Guard Point Position
Rajon Roondo is the last name on this list of NBA's biggest players. Rajon Rondo has been called a "monster" and is one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. He has one if the highest crosses to height ratios ever recorded in NBA history.
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