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Find Financial Advisors In Columbia, SC
Looking for the best financial advisors in Columbia, SC? Well, you've come to the right place. From a diverse group of professionals, this city is home to some of the best investment and financial advisors in the United States. If you are a student considering a career as an investment professional or a representative of the banking and insurance industries, here are some top picks for the best firms in Columbia, SC.

The Mc Daniel Corp. - Established in 1964, this firm specializes in investment, insurance and retirement planning for corporations and individuals. They pride themselves in having a strong interest in their clients' success. In addition to their investment and financial advisors, they provide seminars, newsletters, and publications for potential clients. In addition to providing services to individual clients, they also offer a variety of investment products to corporate clients.

Advantageously for someone looking for a good financial advisors in Columbia , the Davinci Financial Designs - The Family owned and operated firm offers an expansive variety of products through their "About Us" page. On this page, they discuss their history, vision, mission and philosophy. For a self-directed investor, this company offers investment portfolios, insurance products, and personal capital. These are investments in securities and fixed assets such as equities (stock) and bonds. They also offer a diverse collection of CDs, money market accounts, and retirement accounts.

Advantageously, Davenport Investments - Services offered are financial planning, wealth management and asset allocation. They specialize in creating a balanced portfolio that is managed and monitored by an investment advisor. Their financial advisor provides clients with a customized financial portfolio analysis to determine their long-term wealth objectives. They also provide a customized retirement plan with a personalized advisor. Once a client has determined their retirement goals, they will be provided with a wealth management plan that is designed to meet those objectives.

Davenport Investments does not deal with publicly traded securities but rather works with privately held companies. In addition to providing investment advisors with their services, Davenport also provides education materials to potential clients. This includes a Brochure on Financial Advisors in Columbia, SC. The Brochure provides background on the types of products that can be purchased from this company, as well as how each of those products are regulated. This brochure is a helpful instructional document for anyone who is considering working with a self-directed investment advisor.

There are other Fiduciary Duty firms in Charleston SC, including Fidelity Investments and Scottrade. These firms work with their affiliates to provide sound investment advice to their clients. Both of these firms have also been accredited by the Society of Specialized Financial Advisors (SSFA), which is a division of the Professional Standards Board of Trustees (PSTemoticon.

SCORE Services is a little different. Rather than being an affiliate of any one specific investment management services firm, SCORE works with a network of independent financial advisors. The goal of SCORE is to serve all of its clients, regardless of whether they work with a brokerage firm or not. This makes it easier for the clients that want more independence from their investment management services. Furthermore, SCORE works to increase the number of certified financial advisors in the state of South Carolina. This increase will make it easier for clients to find their local SCORE advisors.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have the best advisor available is to ask to meet with him or her. You should meet with your SCORE counselor in person as well as through a phone interview. Having both sets of eyes looking over your shoulder and listening to your questions will help ensure that you get a good fit with the financial planner that you choose. If you want to learn more about the score or just see if you can find a qualified SCORE advisor in South Carolina then visit their website. You will find a lot of valuable information on what this top financial firm has to offer.
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