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The Benefits of Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection
The prospects of buying a used car can be daunting for most of us. Whether it comes from a reputed dealer, or it's a private sale, we're on the lookout for some kind of guarantee.

Unless you've got a mate that's a qualified technician, you'll most likely be taking a gamble with your purchase. Nonetheless, getting a good value for your purchase is the main aim of the deal.

You might get a great deal, or you'll just be buying into someone else's poor maintenance habit. That's where a pre-purchase inspection comes in.

What's a car pre-purchase inspection?

A car pre-purchase inspection is a service designed to get a good idea of the condition of a preowned vehicle. While it helps you take the worry out of making such purchases, is it really worth the money?

How much does a car pre-purchase inspection cost, and is it really worth it?

It's estimated that one in six cars needs over AED 25,000 in repairs at any given time. When you're in the market for a used car, do you really want to add such an amount to the price you're already paying?

Is a car pre-purchase inspection the way to go for me?

This largely depends on how much cash you're forking over for the car in the first place. Another vital factor is the type of deal you're looking at.

Most reputed used car dealers offer a warranty, but this doesn't cover you for the long road. All in all, a car pre-purchase inspection can be ideal for you if:

• You're not familiar with cars in the first place
• You'd like to get verification from a neutral party for your purchase
• You're looking to invest a lot of money on the car
• This specific make/model is infamous for particular issues

What does a car pre-purchase inspection typically consist of?

This mostly depends on what source you use for your inspection. Different garages or workshops offer varied levels of health checks. Another factor, in this case, is the amount of money you're looking to spend for the inspection.

However, a car pre-purchase inspection typically consists of health checks that cover all the aspects of the car. The decisive factor is knowing what you're going to get in your health check.

Basic pre-purchase inspection

A basic pre-purchase inspection essentially checks the roadworthiness of the car. Several tests will be carried out to see if the vehicle offers satisfactory mechanical and structural operations. A short road test will also be performed to ensure the car is safe to drive.

A basic pre-purchase inspection typically consists of the following checks:

• Tyre check
• Engine check
• Exhaust check
• Fuel compartment check
• Electrical and wiring check
• Steering check
• Suspension check

Advanced pre-purchase inspection

If you want to take it to the next level and you're ready to pay for it, an advanced pre-purchased inspection would be the way to go. This will include everything you need to confirm if the car should be purchased or not.

Such advanced inspections also delve deeper into the car's service history and other paperwork to get a proper idea of the vehicle's condition. In addition to everything that's included in a basic prepurchase inspection, advanced pre-purchase inspections also include:

• Bodywork exploration for possible previous damage
• Hinge operation
• Heating
• Air conditioning
• Steering wheel adjustment
• Wheel trim and other accessory condition

How do I go about getting a pre-purchase car inspection near me?

It goes without saying that picking a trusted provider is the best way to start with your pre-purchase inspection. With our extensive service network, Service My Car has got you sorted. You can get all services according to your location and brand as well. You just need to visit our website or our app and select service according to your requirements and location, like Car Repair in Abu Dhabi.

We've got reliable and efficient mechanics who can offer excellent results with your pre-purchase inspection.

How do I book a pre-purchase vehicle inspection with Service My Car?

It's unbelievably simple. All you have to do is request a quote on our website or the Service My Car app. Fill in all the relevant details and get your free and instant quote in no time.

Your car will be taken to one of our top-rated garages to carry out the pre-purchase inspection. If you get a green light from us, then you might as well go ahead with the purchase.

If all of this piques your interest, don't delay getting a pre-purchase inspection. Get a quote on the Service My Car app or our website today.
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