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Examples Of Recent Slovenian Institute For Standardization (SIST) Updates
SIST ISO 7902-1:2021(MAIN)Hydrodynamic plain journal bearings under steady-state conditions - Circular cylindrical bearings - Part 1: Calculation procedure
ISO 7902-1.2020
This document describes a method of calculation for oil-lubricated, hydrodynamic plain bearings. The shaft and sliding surfaces of the bearing are separated by a lubricant film. This is used to design reliable plain bearings.
It deals with cylindrical bearings that are circular in shape and have angular spans O of 360deg to 180deg. 150deg. 120deg and 90deg respectively, depending on whether the arc segment is being loaded centrally. Except for minimal deformations due to temperature and lubricant film pressure, their clearance geometry remains constant. This calculation is used to optimize plain bearings for turbines, generators and electric motors. It can only be used for steady-state operation (i.e. It is limited to steady-state operation, i.e. continuous driving conditions with constant loading magnitude and direction as well as the angular speed of all rotating parts. You can also apply it if a plain bearing is subject to a constant force rotating with any speed. Dynamic loadings (i.e. These are those whose direction and magnitude change with time, such as vibration effects or instabilities from rapid-running rotors. Read more at the Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST) homepage.

SIST ISO 3547-5.2021(MAIN).
Plain bearings - Wrapped bush - Part 5 - Checking the outside diameter
ISO 3547-5 :2020
This document describes, in accordance with ISO 12301 the measurement and checking of the outside diameters of wrapped bushes (ISO 3547-2 :2017, methods A-B and D).
NOTE: The ISO 3547-1 specification gives the dimensions and tolerances for wrapped bushes. ISO 3547-7 covers the measurement of wall thickness.

SIST EN ISO 21654.2021(MAIN).
Solid Recovered Fuels - Calculation of calorific Value (ISO 21654 :2021)
EN ISO 21654.2021
This Standard describes a method to determine the gross calorific value for solid-recovered fuels. At constant volume and the reference temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in a bomb calorimeter calibrated. Combustion of certified benzoic acids.

SIST EN ISO 10872.2021(MAIN).
Water and soil quality – Determination the toxic effects of soil and sediment samples on Caenorhabditis elegans' growth, fertility, and reproduction (Nematoda). (ISO 10872 :2020).
EN ISO 10872.2021
This document outlines a method to determine the environmental toxicity. Samples on Caenorhabditis Elegans growth, fertility, and reproduction This method is applicable. To contaminate whole freshwater sediment (maximum salt 5 %0), soil, and waste. Concerning pore water, the elutriates, and aqueous extractions that were obtained after contamination. Sediment, soil, and waste

SIST EN IEC 61380-1-3:2021 (MAIN)
Fibre optic communication system test procedures - Part 3: General communication subsystems – Measurement of central wavelength and spectral width (IEC 61281-1-3:2021)
EN IEC 61380-1-3:2021
This section of IEC 61280 provides measurement procedures and definitions for various wavelength and spectral width properties associated with optical spectrums. These include optical transmitters, fibre optic communication subsystems, and other light sources that are used in operation and testing of subsystems. This document also contains measurement procedures and definitions for signal to source spontaneous emission and side mode suppression ratio. This measurement is used for system construction and maintenance. The optical transmitter is usually under modulation in the case of subsystem signals. NOTE Different properties may be appropriate to different spectral types, such as continuous spectra characteristic of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and multilongitudinal-mode (MLM), multitransverse-mode (MTM) and single-longitudinal mode (SLM) spectra, characteristic of laser diodes (LDs).

SIST EN IEC 60384-1.2021 (MAIN)
Fixed capacitors for electronic equipment - Part I: Generic specification (IEC60384-1:2021)
EN IEC 60384-1.2021
This part of IEC60384 is a generic specification that applies to fixed capacitors used in electronic equipment.
It defines standard terms, inspection methods and test procedures for electronic components.

SIST ISO 3548-2.2021 (MAIN)
Plain bearings – Thin-walled half bearings without or with flange – Part 2: Measurement wall thickness and thickness of flange
ISO 3548-2 :2020
This document complies with ISO 12301 and specifies the methods for checking the thickness of thin-walled half bearings without or with flange.
The maximum bearing diameter is 150 mm. You can apply it to larger diameters if there is an agreement between supplier and user.

SIST EN IEC 61753-085-02:2021(MAIN)
Fibre optic interconnecting components and passive parts - Performance standard Part 085-02 - Non-connectorized single mode pigtailed CCWDM devices for category C Indoor controlled environment (IEC 617533-085-02/2021)
EN IEC 617533-085-02/2021
IEC 61753-085:02:2021 specifies the minimum initial measurement and test requirements that a fibre-optic pigtailed coarse wavelength division multiplexing device (CWDM) must meet in order to be classified as meeting the requirements for category C (indoor controlled environments), as described in Annex A to IEC 61753-1.2018. IEC 62074-1 defines CWDM. This is the first edition that cancels and replaces IEC 617533-085-2, which was published in 2008. This edition is a technical revision. This edition contains the following technical change in respect to IEC61753-085-2. Change of test conditions that harmonize with IEC 61753-1.2018.

SIST ISO 3031.2021(MAIN).
Rolling bearings – Thrust needle roller, cage assemblies, thrust washers, and thrust needle roller - Boundary dimensions and geometrical product specifications (GPS), and tolerance values
ISO 3031:2021
This document specifies the boundaries dimensions and tolerances of thrust needle rollers and cage assemblies. It also recommends the dimensions and tolerances of thrust washers (i.e. Raceway members can be used as housing washers or shaft washers.
Annexe A provides general information about thrust needle rollers, cage assemblies and thrust washers.
AnnexeB provides a gauging method for thrust needle rollers, cage assemblies, and thrust washers.
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