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Break in Tips: How You Can Easily Use Your New Mattress
When you have a newly bought mattress, you have to expect discomfort during the first few days of using it. Typically, you will experience it because of some adjustments that your body has yet to adapt.

Most often, the materials being used are the main reason you can not immediately adjust to the new product. It is because the materials need time to soften and become comfortable to use. Thus you need that precious break-in period to make a new purchase readily comfortable in the first few days or months of use.

While almost all newly purchased mattresses are still sturdy and rigid, the products do not have the same break-in period. Some products count months for break-ins, some weeks, and others only days. Thus, for an easy break-in, know some of the tips on how to transition from your old mattress to the new one with these tips below:

Know The Different Break in Periods

Each mattress is manufactured in different structures, using various materials. And each material has various qualities wherein its strength, sturdiness, and rigidity are not the same. Thus they do not have the same break-in periods as well.

Latex Mattress

A latex foam mattress is made from organic materials. It can be purely natural using all-natural ingredients, but it can also blend organic and synthetic materials. However this mattress is engineered; it provides the same excellent support at varying levels of firmness.

The varying level of firmness determines the amount of air in the bed that further distinguishes the break-in period of a latex mattress. A latex mattress can be the best mattress in terms of break-in because it takes only two to fourteen days before you can comfortably use the new bed.

Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is made from layers of polyurethane foam added with various compounds that determine the mattress's elasticity and viscosity. Also, these materials control the bounce effect or the hugging feel of the foam.

The viscosity of the material determines the stretch and contour property of memory foam. So if the material is more viscous, the foam is denser, and it takes more force to stretch and bounce. Subsequently, taking a more extended break-in period that may last up to sixty days.

Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress requires a shorter breaking in time of up to four weeks only. Some even become comfortable to use for one day due to the springs themselves. The springs are naturally designed to adjust to any weight or pressure introduced into the new bed. And it can also quickly adapt to more weight if needed.

Be mindful though, the spring support easily wears down and degrades more quickly. So it is best to flip and rotate the mattress every three months to prevent sagging and premature breakdown.

Put Some Pressure

To hasten the comfort that you desire, put some pressure on the bed. The aim is to adapt to the new mattress and sleep comfortably more quickly. So to make the process faster, you can apply more pressure on top of the bed. You can try walking on the surface, or you can even stack some weights to soften the surface fast. This technique works well with latex or a memory foam mattress.

But if you have a new innerspring bed, avoid the concentration of weight in the spring, as it can cause fast material deterioration.

Introduce a Warmer Temperature

Higher temperatures will make the material more malleable. The foam softens faster in warmer temperatures. So if you are in a hurry to use your new mattress, keep your bedroom a few degrees warmer to make your bed softer without necessarily disrupting your sleep.

This method works well with memory foam or latex foam. So to make that break-in period faster, you have to adjust the surrounding temperature accordingly.

Allow the Mattress to Breathe

Upon unpacking your newly delivered mattress, allow a few hours for the bed to breathe, especially for latex mattresses where it is rolled up in a box during shipping or delivery. This will give time for the mattress to breathe more air into the materials that will soften the foam more quickly.

Once it has breathed adequately, you can already start to put on weight or pressure.

Sleep on it Consistently

Sleep consistently on the new mattress to allow a faster break-in of the materials and helps your body adjust faster. Even if you are not comfortable sleeping on your new bed, you should resist sleeping somewhere else or use the old one. So, whether it would take you a few days or months to be comfortable, endure the process to avoid delaying the comfort that you aim for.


You will always be excited to use that long-desired mattress. But since you need to adapt and adjust to it, you need to break in the materials before getting the desired comfort that you deserve. Just be patient and enjoy the process of breaking in, and ultimately you will get the most comfortable sleep that you need.
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