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Should I buy a manual treadmill or an electric treadmill
Should I buy a manual treadmill or an electric treadmill?
Research shows that people using a manual treadmill will use 30% more energy than users of an electric treadmill at the same speed. But this does not mean that Manual treadmills will be better than electric ones. Each product line has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to consider the actual needs of each person to choose the most suitable treadmill.
Advantages and disadvantages of manual treadmills
A manual treadmill is a running device that uses foot force to move a soft drop system. Non-motorized treadmills attract the attention of consumers thanks to many outstanding advantages, such as:
Manual treadmills allow for more intense workouts at lower running speeds. Meaning, we will expend more energy and training efficiency will also be higher than with an electric treadmill at the same running speed.
The price ranges from 2 to 5 million VND, suitable for the average income of Vietnamese people.
Compact size, meet for families with limited living space.
It is independent of the power source. So you can practice anywhere, anytime.
Avoid the risk of bone and joint damage, ensure safety during exercise.
Compact, easy to use manual treadmill
Besides, Manual treadmills also have many disadvantages such as:
Takes a lot of strength.
Difficulty changing the slope
Easy to stress joints in the beginning of exercise
Few built-in features
Small load
Not suitable for the elderly and children to use
Advantages and disadvantages of electric treadmills
As the name called, electric treadmills use an electric motor to move the conveyor belt. The motor is like the heart of an electric treadmill. The larger the motor, the larger the load, and the higher the machine speed.
Compared with Manual treadmills, electric treadmills have a more complicated structure. However, it possesses many outstanding features that Manual treadmills do not have, such as:
Easily change running speed and carpet incline with the simple push of a button.
The modern and luxurious design.
It consumes less energy, so it is suitable for longer training sessions.
Solid frame, large load capacity.
The control panel displays a full range of heart rate, distance, and calories parameters to help better track your training.
The feeling of running is real, smooth.
Luxury and modern electric treadmill but high price
Of course, no device is perfect. Electric treadmills also have many limitations as follows:
Product cost is high, not suitable for people with low income.
It is easy to get injured when you stop running suddenly.
Some products are bulky in size, not suitable for small spaces
Should you choose a mechanical or electric treadmill?
As can be seen, both mechanical and electric treadmills have their own advantages and limitations. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a mechanical or electric treadmill depending on your financial ability and actual use needs.
If you are a professional athlete, who is in good health and needs to lose weight quickly, then a Manual treadmill will be the perfect choice. And if you are looking for a fitness equipment for the whole family, you should buy an electric treadmill.
Electric treadmill is suitable for all ages
Equally important is that you need to know your financial condition to buy the right treadmill. Of course, electric treadmills will be more expensive than Manual treadmills. The price segment of electric machines is also in a large range of affordable or high-end. Therefore, you need to consider the amount of money you have, see how it is enough to equip the machine at the price.
Buyers also need to consider whether the place they keep the treadmill is suitable. The space where the treadmill is located should be spacious, airy, and not damp.
Besides, to choose a good quality treadmill at an affordable price, you also need to pay attention to find reputable brands. Currently, S-Life is one of the leading treadmill distributors with more than 45 branches. Products at S-Life are diverse in design, competitive in price, and good in quality. Moreover, S-Life also has a 2-hour free fast delivery policy, and a technical team is ready to support the installation and maintenance of products on site.
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