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Are Leather Shoulder Holsters A Good Conceal Carry
No matter you are a cop or not, if you keep guns, you must have a holster. Call it fashion or an accessory you can’t deny its importance. Warfares, civilian duties, personal safety, military services, or sports. If you have a gun, your daily life needs safety in the form of a holster. Used since maritime, holsters have become superbly advanced and piece of craftsmanship. Read further to know more about its carry?

Leather Shoulder Holsters
A holster is a safety guard case made for carrying firearms around. When the holster is made for carrying the gun through the shoulders in the armpits, it is called a shoulder holster. There are various kinds of materials used for making shoulder holsters, out of which leather ones are called leather shoulder holsters.

Leather is an excellent choice for the material because of its high durability, flexibility, and multifunctional efficiency. People still prefer leather in its raw design or sometimes get it modified as per their styles. For customization, the basic holster designs such as the purse, nighthawk, crossdraw, and urban are modified with unique designs on various kinds of leather, resulting in Stingray holster, Ostrich leg holster, Elephant holster, Alligator holster with thumb break, Full stingray concealed holster, and many more.

A Leather Shoulder holster for concealed carry

Leather is a very flexible and stable material for holsters. When it comes to concealing, leather shoulder holsters can be very much fitting to your needs. You can get certain customizations done for your concealing part other than that leather fits all your needs. Read to find out the benefits.

• Comfortable: There is no other material as comfortable as leather it can fit into any space. You can fit it into any body part, and it won’t cause you discomfort or accident.

• Perfectly fit in size: Leather is flexible and can be molded into any gun size and shape. It will hug your gun perfectly, giving full coverage and better management.

• Slim and sleek design: Leather is animal skin, so it tends to adjust to all your needs. It is available in both thin and thick forms, which makes easy customizations.

• Extra pockets available: Hidden extra pockets can be easily added into the spaces available around the armpit area. Here, you can keep spare and small knives, etc.

• How to take care of leather shoulder holsters?
Leather shoulder holsters tend to become more comfortable over time and require very little special care. You only need to clean it regularly, keep it away from sunlight and moisture, not use any special oil or water product. Leather products can last a lifetime if you keep them handy, use them regularly, and do not scratch them.

• Can leather shoulder holsters be customized?
Yes, all leather products can be customized for your favorite firearms. There are various options for customized designs, leather type, skin type, gun model available at the manufacturers. You only need to tell them your idea and discuss the gun model you won’t be disappointed in their way of putting your ideas into reality.
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